Founded in 2001 by Bob Peters, the PPPPC is a group of Powered Paraglider (PPG) pilots flying in and around the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, CO under the shadow of Pikes Peak. Our group exists to support the safety and enjoyment of Powered Paragliding in the Pikes Peak Region and wherever PPGers may fly.
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Requirements for flying at Meadowlake airport

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Paragliding Club's web site. Our site includes comprehensive GALLERY and RESOURCE pages as well as maps and information about WHERE WE FLY. We also have a nice WEATHER page with quick links to a large array of valuable weather information. Our site relies heavily on links to additional resources on the internet as we try to make our site a useful gateway to PPG information. Please note the valuable contributions of everyone who has posted content on the web. Please check out and enjoy our site and feel free send us your comments.

Fly safe,

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