Before flying at Meadowlake Airport you must READ and AGREE TO ABIDE BY the... Also, please review the... After reading the SOP you must send an email to ( indicating that you have read and agree to abide by the rules in the document.

Location: Located East of Colorado Springs about 20 minutes.  Head East on Platte Avenue or Woodmen Blvd.  Turn left at Hwy 24.  Proceed to Judge Orr road and turn right at the airport sign.  When you get to Aerostar Drive turn right again. Follow the dirt road about 1/3 mile to the gate. Proceed through the gate (after opening it 1st) and follow the dirt road to the picnic table. Near the picnic table, the road forks to the right. Follow the fork to the right to the circular area on the field the we use as our LZ.